Evy Films is Evy Barry
writer and director


Thank You
Kalleidoscope Gallery
An art video featuring the personal testimonies of people and their hilarious, emotional and down right ridiculous experiences of receiving presents. Shown in the Kaleidoscope gallery in a Christmas show about the psychology of gift giving.
The Big Chill
The Herbert Read Gallery, UCA, Canterbury
An illustrated poem inspired by the 100 journals project for Alturnative, an artist-led group aiming to provide opportunities to show the best of Kent’s emerging artists, with an exhibition of all journals at The Herbert Read Gallery, UCA, Canterbury 16th – 20th February 2010.
Mary McBoing Boing
Performance art
A filmed poem featuring a strange and off the wall performance artist asking you to think about what makes us tick and how that angel on one shoulder and devil on the other battle for supremacy.
The Siren Call
Personal project
The silence of snow falling evokes feelings of longing for loved ones some who are far away and some who may not be coming back.

Evy is one of those people who manages to be both incredibly mature and able to not take herself too seriously. She grasps requirements quickly but takes time to think about them deeply and is able to tell stories in a clear and compelling way.

Paul Gilheany
Executive Producer
Objective Productions

evy barry director

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