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Animal Maternity Hospital
1 hour for C5
Credit : Producer / Director, Exec Producer: Elspeth O'Hare, Commissioner: Greg Barnett
This absorbing fly-on-the-wall documentary series visits the UK’s top zoo breeding programmes, animal sanctuaries and farms as keepers, vets and breeders use the latest techniques and technology to bring precious new additions into the world.
"The show underlines the serious threat some of our planet’s most adorable creatures are under and the lengths humankind is going to ensure they are protected." The Independent
Got Thin, Got Fat
1 hour for C5
Credit : Producer / Director, Exec Producer: Elspeth O'Hare, Commissioner: Greg Barnett
Part of the Supersized season, this single documentary explores why diets do not always work and how quickly and easily skinny success can turn into fat failure. We meet people who have successfully dieted and then put it all back on again. They explain the reasons why they wanted to lose weight in the first place and the triggers that caused them to put it back on.
"Average diets last just five and a half weeks - while the average woman will spend around 31 years of her life trying unsuccessfully to lose weight". Daily Mail
The Torso in The Thames
1 hour for C4 (3BM Television)
Credit : Series Director, Exec Producer: Dan Korn, Commissioner: Simon Andre
A landmark film nominated for best science programme at the Indie awards. It follows one of the most ghoulish crimes on Scotland Yard’s books, the first ritual murder inquiry in the UK. It began after the horrific discovery of a young boy’s torso in the River Thames and even travelled to Africa where Nelson Madela appealed for anyone in the continent with information on the case to come forward.
"What made police realise this was something extremely unusual was that the child was killed by a sharp cut to the throat and drained of all blood says Evy Barry director of a Channel 4 documentary." Daily Express
The Search For Adam’s Killers

1 hour for C4 (3BM Television)

Credit : Series Director, Exec Producer: Dan Korn, Commissioner: Aaqil Ahmed

This was an update on ‘The Torso in the Thames’ on the investigation into the first ritual murder in the UK shown in 'The Torso in The Thames.' This included a trip to Nigeria to search for Adam's family following ground-breaking bone mapping science showing this was where he was from, a human trafficking gang, a black magic potion and a juju priest.
"Techniques used by the Metropolitan Police's Specialist Crime Directorate would have left Sherlock Holmes gasping." T2, The Times
"No one watching last night could be in any doubt about the single-minded determination of the CID to solve crimes that really get to them." Daily Mail
The Boy With A Tumour For A Face
1 hour for Five (3BM Television)
Credit : Producer/Director, Exec Producer: Dan Korn, Commissioner: Justine Kershaw
High profile documentary also nominated for best science programme at the Indie Awards in which five-year-old Indonedian boy Novemthree is treated over fifteen weeks by surgeons who attempt to tackle the largest facial tumours in recorded history.
'A surprisingly touching and inspirational documentary…a deeply beautiful story of parental devotion emerges' Sunday Times
"I've never seen anything sadder than his big tears rolling down those enormous swollen cheeks." Sam Wollaston G2.
Murder Squad

9 x 1 hours for ITV (Shine)

Credit : Producer/Director, Exec Producer: Sam Anthony, Commissioner: Alison Sharman

A series following Met police detectives doing their day job of investigating murders on the streets of London from gangland stabbings in Chiswick to stranger knifings in Lewisham.
‘Gritty’. The Sun
Does Snuff Exist?

1 hour for C4 (Lion Television)

Credit : Producer/Director, Exec Producer: Paul Gilheany Commissioner: Andrew MacKenzie

‘Investigates the enduring and disturbing urban myth (let’s hope) of films containing footage of genuine deaths.’ The Independent .

Evy is one of those people who manages to be both incredibly mature and able to not take herself too seriously. She grasps requirements quickly but takes time to think about them deeply and is able to tell stories in a clear and compelling way.

Paul Gilheany
Executive Producer
Objective Productions

"Excellent director who can shoot and edit to the highest standard. Any production would be lucky to have her on board."

John McGhie
Editor Kent TV
Former Political Editor,
The Observer

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