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Written, directed and produced by Evy Barry
A modern fairy tale about the chance encounter between a bereaved widow and a homeless teanager which changes life dramatically for them both.
Winged Warriors
Written, directed and produced by Evy Barry
A period fantasy short drama, in which the remnants of a British army platoon reach the enemy trenches in WW1. They have to rely in their messenger pigeons to survive.
Rising Star award at The Canada International Film Festival
Heartbreak Hotel
Written, directed and produced by Evy Barry
A 10 minute short film about the intriguing relationship between Mo the landlady and her gambling, Elvis impersonating husband Bert.
Awarded the Vegas Cinefest runner up.

'I've worked with Evy at ITN and Kent TV - and I've always found her hard working, well organised and highly creative. She is someone that you know that you can rely on to produce high quality journalism.

Nigel Dacre
CEO of Inclusive Digital
and former Editor of ITV News

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